Has Mama June Shannon been involved in a decade-long scheme to exploit her four daughters? Allegations of financial misconduct and mismanagement have surfaced, with one of her daughters suing her and evidence suggesting she mishandled her youngest child’s money. Let’s delve into the backstory of how Mama June allegedly stole from all her kids.

Several years ago, Anna Cardwell, Mama June’s eldest daughter, claimed that she and her daughter, Kaitlyn, never received the money they were owed from their time on the television show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Mama June allegedly withheld their payments, and Anna even sued TLC but eventually dropped the case due to the mounting costs. Now, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson finds herself in a similar situation. She needs money for college, in addition to her scholarship, and has asked June to access her Coogan account. According to Alana’s calculations, there should be a six-figure sum, but only $33,000 remains.

June argues that 50% of the money was taken by taxes, and the rest was used to cover Alana’s essential expenses since she was twelve. However, Alana and Pumpkin (June’s other daughter) questioned why June didn’t set up savings accounts for them, considering that Coogan accounts are not used in Georgia. A Reddit thread was initiated to discuss this issue, with June claiming she set up savings accounts for the girls around a decade ago. However, a 2015 People article contradicts June’s statement, as she previously mentioned depositing money directly into the girls’ accounts but never seeing a dime.

The problem lies in the fact that Mama June has never given her children their money outright and continues to provide excuses for its whereabouts. Moreover, her claims of having established savings accounts for the girls appear to be unfounded. Redditors expressed their skepticism, suggesting that June’s reluctance to address the issue directly stems from her knowledge that the money was spent on drugs.

Given Mama June’s alleged drug addiction and her questionable handling of the children’s finances, fans have raised concerns about her ability to care for Anna Cardwell’s daughter, Kaitlyn, who is under her custody. It is disheartening to see how Mama June may have compromised her children’s future, all while pretending to secure it. In reality, they unwittingly financed each other’s lives without their consent or knowledge, leaving a bitter taste in their mouths.

The situation raises questions about forgiveness and whether Mama June’s children will ever be able to reconcile with her. Additionally, it prompts concerns about her capability to provide a happy, healthy, and stable life for Kaitlyn, considering her past actions and the harm she has caused her own children. Mama June’s actions have not only affected her relationship with her children but also cast doubt on her ability to be a responsible guardian.

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