The latest season of ‘7 Little Johnstons’ has captivated viewers with the tumultuous relationship between Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden. Amidst their ups and downs, which eventually lead to the birth of their daughter, Leighton Bolden, sharp-eyed fans have noticed a potential clue that suggests the couple may be engaged.

The storyline surrounding Liz and Brice has injected new life into the show, as viewers have expressed that recent episodes lacked excitement. From their initial split to Liz deleting their photos from social media, the dramatic turns have kept audiences hooked and tuning in.

As the season progresses, Liz and Brice reconcile, ultimately culminating in the joyous arrival of their daughter. While keeping up with the unfolding drama on-air and social media can be overwhelming, one thing is certain: TLC is leveraging Liz and Brice’s storyline to its fullest extent, making it a focal point of the new episodes.

Despite the on-screen turmoil, Liz and Brice appear to be a happy family of three in recent updates shared on social media. Fans adore the adorable baby updates featuring Leighton, and the couple’s journey from coming together to Liz’s pregnancy has become a source of joy for many.

Now, with Liz and Brice reunited and raising their daughter, fans are eagerly anticipating if and when Brice will propose. Observant viewers have recently spotted a ring on Liz’s finger, sparking speculation about a potential engagement. However, some fans express concern for Brice, not wanting him to feel compelled to propose out of obligation.

The nature of the ring remains a point of debate among fans, with suggestions ranging from a promise ring to a chastity ring. Nevertheless, many fans worry about Brice’s well-being and believe it would be unwise for him to deepen his commitment further.

One commenter voiced their skepticism, suggesting that Liz may have persuaded Brice into buying the ring, while another expressed hope that Brice has an exit strategy. Concerns about his young age and potential financial obligations like child support were also raised.

As the compelling saga of Liz and Brice continues to unfold, fans eagerly await further developments and whether an official engagement will be announced in the future.

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