Matt and Amy, former stars of Little People Big World (LPBW), have moved on from their divorce in 2017 and are now in happy relationships with different partners. Amy has found love with Chris, while Matt began dating Caryn Chandler shortly after their split. LPBW has documented Matt and Caryn’s second romance extensively, but it appears that Amy is still harboring some bitterness towards their relationship.

In her autobiography, Amy hinted that Matt had cheated on her with Caryn, which has contributed to the lingering resentment. Recently, Amy’s husband, Chris Marek, unintentionally exacerbated the situation by commenting on the size of Caryn’s engagement ring, comparing it to what Amy received.

Chris and Amy celebrated their wedding in August 2021, with TLC featuring a special episode of LPBW showcasing their charming farm ceremony. Meanwhile, Matt and Caryn had been in a relationship for six years but hadn’t taken the step of getting engaged. However, LPBW Season 25 focuses on Matt’s proposal to Caryn, as their dream house nears completion and they are ready to make their commitment official.

In an episode of the show, Chris expressed concern about how Amy would react to Matt’s milestone. He noticed that the engagement ring Matt gave Caryn was larger than the one he had given Amy during their relationship. Amy appeared slightly annoyed with Chris’s warning and inquired about the size of the diamond. Chris mentioned that it seemed like the diamond covered Caryn’s entire hand. Amy, however, didn’t want to delve into those details and brushed off the conversation as they headed to Matt and Caryn’s home for dinner.

Despite moving on to new relationships, the lingering tension between Matt, Caryn, and Amy continues to be a topic of interest for LPBW viewers. Their interactions and reactions provide ongoing drama and intrigue for fans of the show.

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