Fans of Little People, Big World (LPBW) have eagerly anticipated the wedding of Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler ever since they announced their engagement. Caryn showed off her ring, which captivated viewers. However, despite the audience’s anticipation, there have been no indications from the couple about their big day.

In a surprising turn of events, fans were shocked when Matt and Caryn dropped a major hint about a potential honeymoon trip. They were spotted together on vacation, leading viewers to speculate if the couple had secretly tied the knot. What exactly is going on? Is there any truth to these rumors?

Matt and Caryn from LPBW had previously hinted that they planned to exchange vows in 2024. They mentioned the possibility of a small ceremony but kept their exact plans under wraps. Fans were hoping that their wedding would be featured on the show, allowing them to witness every moment.

However, there is a possibility that Matt and Caryn have already said their “I dos” in a secret ceremony. This speculation arose when fans recently saw a picture of the couple. Matt took to Instagram and shared a snapshot of himself and Caryn comfortably seated in the dining area of a cruise ship.

In the caption, Matt revealed, “Caryn and I back from our cruise.” He mentioned that they returned in time to watch their family show and expressed his newfound love for Curacao, indicating that they had a fantastic trip. This sudden island getaway raised eyebrows among viewers.

In the comments section, someone noted that Caryn had expressed a desire to leave the show, and many members of Matt’s family didn’t seem interested in attending their wedding. This led to speculation that the couple may have secretly exchanged vows and embarked on a luxurious trip to an island destination. However, it’s important to note that these are just theories from fans, and we are still awaiting confirmation from the stars themselves.

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