Mama June Shannon’s chronic lying is not only jeopardizing her family but also her sobriety, as depicted in the ongoing season of Family Crisis. This time, it is Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson who is bearing the brunt of June’s deceitful behavior. Here are the details.

Mama June’s Lies Threaten Family and Sobriety

During the planning of Mama June and Justin Stroud’s vow renewal and wedding shower, it was revealed that June had been lying. She falsely claimed to Justin’s mother that she had a great relationship with her daughters, despite being estranged from them. This angered Justin, as he despised the lies, especially when it involved his mother. He was trying to demonstrate that he had changed, and his family was eager to meet Honey Boo Boo. Thus, it was not only a case of deceit but also a disappointment. June eventually confessed, but now she finds herself lying again.

June had been dishonest about what happened to the money Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson earned since the age of six. When Alana needed financial assistance for tuition, she requested the funds from her Coogan account. Unfortunately, only $33,000 remained. June claimed that half of the money had been deducted for taxes and alleged that Alana had been taking care of herself since the age of twelve. In reality, June had squandered the money on herself, men, and drugs, but Justin had no idea about the extent of what she had done to her daughter.

According to The Sun, Justin is concerned about the impact these lies are having on Mama June and the progress she supposedly made. In a preview for the Family Crisis episode airing on March 29th, 2024, Justin expresses worry about June’s sobriety. He shares that he has been clean for three years and attributes his success to honesty. When it comes to his wife, he believes that her sobriety could be in danger if she continues “lying.” Justin opens up to Josh Efird, Pumpkin’s husband, and suggests that things would have been easier if June had been truthful before Alana asked for the money.

Justin’s Dilemma

Watching Mama June and her daughters argue over the money, or lack thereof, was challenging for Justin Stroud. He appeared clueless about what had transpired and what was unfolding. When he, Josh Efird, and Dralin Carswell stepped outside, they acknowledged that it was not Justin’s fight. Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson stormed out and asked if Justin knew what June had done with her money. However, he seemed just as baffled, and the ride home was filled with tension. At the same time, Alana pointed out that her mom could buy Justin diamond necklaces but couldn’t assist her with college. The situation is undoubtedly messy.

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