Newcomer Becky Ryan from Seeking Sister Wife has revealed that she is the child of a prominent cult leader, shedding light on her upbringing in polygamy. Although she grew up in this lifestyle, it was never perceived as negative or strange to her. However, there is more to her story than initially meets the eye.

Becky and Justin Ryan, who appeared on Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife, did not seem to have much luck in their search for a sister wife. Recently, a fan spotted them on a polygamist dating site, indicating their continued pursuit of love. This is not surprising for Becky, who openly shared that she grew up in a polygamous household and considered it normal. However, there is a significant aspect of her upbringing that she may have omitted. According to Starcasm, her stepfather is Tony Alamo, a notorious cult leader.

Tony Alamo was known for marrying minors, including girls as young as eight years old. While recounting her backstory, Becky mentioned growing up in a polygamous household, which she did not view negatively. She noted that marrying in high school was considered normal where she came from. Becky and Justin themselves got married when she was 16 and he was 19. She also revealed that it was not uncommon for young people in her church to marry early, as their religious beliefs supported polygamy. Becky’s father, who was the pastor of the church, practiced polygamy and justified it through biblical scriptures.

Becky admitted that having multiple wives meant she had less time with her father. Additionally, she described her mother as a loner who was not particularly close to her sister wives, which aligns with the stories that have emerged about Tony Alamo’s organization.

Becky Ryan’s family was involved in Tony Alamo’s organization, and that is how her mother met him. Her mother left Becky’s father for Tony, which led to bitterness and a strained relationship between Becky and her father. There are claims that Becky was kept away from her father and isolated from outside influences. During Tony Alamo’s trial, Becky’s mother alleged that they were not legally married, although she used his last name.

Furthermore, Becky stated that she was aware of underage girls living in the home but did not suspect any nefarious activities at the time. It is unclear if Justin’s family followed Tony’s teachings, but there is some discrepancy regarding Becky’s age at the time of her marriage. Some sources state she was 16, while others suggest she was only 15. Finally, Becky and Justin are not using their actual last name, possibly for protective purposes.

The revelation of Becky Ryan’s background adds a complex layer to her appearance on Seeking Sister Wife, and it raises questions about the influence of her upbringing on her current relationships and choices.

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