Karine and Paul Staehle have had a tumultuous journey on reality TV, and their relationship has been a disaster from the start. They first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé several years ago, and their relationship has been plagued with numerous issues. From Paul’s arson charge to Karine’s habit of talking to random men after their marriage, their problems seemed never-ending. However, things took a dark and devastating turn that ultimately led to their firing from TLC. The allegations involved domestic violence and sexual assault, painting a grim picture of their relationship.

The situation worsened when Paul revealed that he and Karine had lost custody of their sons, Ethan and Pierre. Alongside the loss of custody, their relationship fell apart, and they separated. Despite the crisis they faced, there continues to be animosity between them. In a recent post, Paul took it upon himself to announce that Karine is pregnant with someone else’s child. However, Karine swiftly refuted this claim, accusing Paul of lying.

Since losing custody of their children in 2022, Karine has been working diligently to regain custody by following all court protocols. On the other hand, Paul has been in Brazil, claiming that he has more opportunities there to earn money and support his family. The constant drama surrounding their lives has left 90 Day Fiancé fans exhausted.

Paul’s decision to share a screenshot from Karine’s phone, displaying her conversation with a new man, stirred up quite a frenzy among the 90 Day Fiancé fanbase. The screenshot seemed to imply that Karine was announcing her pregnancy with her new love interest, and Paul publicly congratulated them on social media. However, many Redditors found the whole situation “fishy” and believed it to be another attention-seeking ploy by Paul, using controversy to stay in the limelight.

Karine responded to the news, claiming that her ex-husband had “hacked” her Facebook account and posted the screenshots without her consent. She asserted that she was not pregnant and insinuated that Paul was a dangerous individual. However, she expressed frustration that nobody seemed willing to believe her side of the story. Fans were outraged by Karine’s statements, questioning why Paul, who claimed to be in Brazil to support his ex-wife and children, was seeking ways to tarnish her reputation.

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