Zach and Tori Roloff, stars of Little People Big World, have been facing increasing backlash from fans regarding their parenting, particularly in their treatment of their middle child, Lilah. As their children have been in the public eye since birth, and Tori markets herself as a mom influencer, it opens the door to scrutiny and criticism from viewers regarding their parenting choices and how they handle various situations with their children.

One significant point of contention among Little People Big World fans is the perceived dangerous situations in which Zach and Tori have placed their kids. While accidents are always a possibility with young children, many viewers feel that the Roloff children are unnecessarily exposed to hazardous circumstances. For example, recent incidents include Jackson playing near a wooden plank with a protruding nail, and Lilah lifting weights over her head in the gym, which Tori dismissed as an innocent update. Although nothing happened, fans express concerns about potential accidents that could harm the children.

The treatment of Lilah Roloff, the couple’s middle child, has also drawn criticism during Season 25 of Little People Big World. One incident involved Tori refusing to let Lilah use the bathroom during her dance class, resulting in an accident. Fans also take issue with certain parenting strategies employed by Zach and Tori, such as constantly encouraging Lilah to “be brave” and telling her to “try not to cry.” Many viewers perceive these approaches as belittling and worry about the negative impact on Lilah’s self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Fans have expressed their concerns and frustrations with the Roloffs’ treatment of Lilah. They note disparities in the family’s reactions, such as celebrating Jackson’s soccer playing while making fun of Lilah’s dancing. Some viewers criticize Tori for speaking negatively about Lilah, perceiving her as immature and lacking the ability to provide confidence to her daughter.

As Little People Big World continues to air, the mounting criticism against Zach and Tori Roloff’s parenting choices and the treatment of their children raises concerns about the well-being and safety of their kids, prompting discussions among viewers about the potential long-term effects on Lilah’s development and self-esteem.

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