Kody Brown, star of the reality TV series Sister Wives, is currently going through a period of mourning after the loss of his son Garrison. Their relationship had been estranged for years, and sadly, Garrison passed away before they could reconcile. As a result, it is evident that the patriarch has been dealing with a lot lately. However, fans were taken aback when they spotted him wandering in Las Vegas.

Sharp-eyed viewers recently caught sight of Kody in Las Vegas, and they were shocked, wondering what he was up to and if he had turned to gambling as a way to cope with the loss of Garrison.

The Sister Wives star primarily resides in Arizona with his wife Robyn and their children. Yet, he has been frequently spotted in Las Vegas, leaving fans curious about the reason behind his visits. The same curiosity arose when a fan once again encountered Kody in Las Vegas and noticed his unusual behavior.

The fan took the matter to Reddit, sharing a picture of Kody walking hurriedly, captured from behind. According to the original poster, the celebrity was “speed walking” through “Caesars Palace” and appeared to be in a rush. They wondered what he was doing there.

Many Sister Wives viewers joined the discussion in the comments section and speculated that perhaps Kody was visiting a casino. It has been previously observed that he has been seen around casinos, suggesting a fondness for them. Some fans even suggested that Kody might be turning to gambling as a means of coping with the tragic loss of Garrison. However, it is important to note that these are merely fans’ predictions, and there is no confirmed information that Kody was at the mall to gamble.

As fans continue to closely follow Kody Brown’s actions, they remain curious about his recent activities and how he is navigating the challenging time of mourning his son’s untimely passing.

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