Liz Johnston, a cast member of the popular reality TV show ‘7 Little Johnstons,’ recently opened up about the realities of motherhood after welcoming her baby, Leighton Bolden. While Liz enjoys being a mom, she didn’t shy away from discussing the less glamorous aspects of parenting. Here’s what Liz had to say about her journey into motherhood.

In the current season of ‘7 Little Johnstons,’ Liz Johnston’s relationship drama with Brice Bolden takes center stage. However, off-camera, their life as a family of three with baby Leighton seems quite different. Judging by their social media updates, they appear to be a happy and content family.

Liz Johnston’s storyline with Brice Bolden provides dramatic content for the ongoing season of ‘7 Little Johnstons.’ TLC is capitalizing on this drama to keep viewers engaged. While their social media posts show a positive image, fans are eager to see the full story behind their current situation as the new season unfolds.

Like any proud parent, Liz Johnston has been sharing regular updates and photos of baby Leighton on social media. Not only does she receive appreciation from her family members, but she also has a large fan base of ‘7 Little Johnstons’ viewers who eagerly follow every baby update she shares.

Although Trent and Amber Johnston initially had reservations when Liz announced her pregnancy with Brice Bolden’s baby, Leighton’s arrival has made them proud grandparents. Both Trent and Amber have shared heartwarming updates featuring their granddaughter, and fans of ‘7 Little Johnstons’ enjoy seeing the love they shower upon her.

In a recent revelation, Liz Johnston shed light on the realities of motherhood. She shared a poignant quote along with a picture of her daughter, expressing the challenges that come with being a parent. The quote emphasizes that no mother has everything together and that they are all overwhelmed with long to-do lists and piles of laundry they sometimes ignore.

Fortunately, Liz has a strong support system to help her navigate the journey of raising her daughter. Alongside Brice’s commitment to their family, Liz can rely on her parents and siblings to lend a hand when things become overwhelming.

Liz’s willingness to share the true realities of caring for a newborn is something that ‘7 Little Johnstons’ fans appreciate. Her honesty, along with the adorable photos of Leighton, creates a genuine connection with the audience.

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