While the OutDaughtered Busby family is buzzing around as usual, they have extra fun on the horizon. As the weekend represents a foundational holiday for the family’s faith, they also are preparing for the six girls’ birthdays. Although the next few weeks will be full of fun, they still have their everyday activities intermingled. Likewise, Danielle Busby boasts her pride in her oldest daughter, Blayke Busby, as she faces battles head-on.

Adam And Danielle Busby Are Buzzing Around

Undeniably, the OutDaughtered girls are growing fast! Today is Good Friday which is a major representation of the Busby family’s faith. Without a doubt, it is the time to reflect on the roots of the Christian faith that the family follows. Then Easter is Sunday, providing a great opportunity for the Busbys to gather and enjoy family and faith. Perhaps the Easter bunny will be slightly less scary for the nearly nine-year-olds this year.

OutDaughtered the Busby quints and the Easter Bunny - TLC

After the weekend, it will be time for the Busbys to shower Blayke Busby with birthday mania. In like fashion, Danielle Busby is orchestrating the logistics of the Easter celebration, and Blayke’s birthday on April 5, and then quickly behind is the quints’ birthdays on April 8 as well. All the while, Adam and Danielle are balancing the everyday life of raising six beautiful daughters. During the day-to-day school and extracurricular activities, it’s a wonder any of the family has time to think!

Danielle Busby Is Bursting With Pride

On Danielle Busby’s Instagram page, she shares how she is bursting with pride watching her oldest face her battles head-on. As Blayke inches closer to turning thirteen, she is becoming more and more grown up. Sometimes it is easy to see the little girl fans have watched fiercely take on the big sister role. Conversely, other times, the glances of Blayke show the young lady she is becoming. Undeniably, Danielle sees the little girl that made her a mama sprinting toward her teenage years.

Blayke Busby playing her heart out on the tennis courts. - Instagram

In Danielle Busby’s post, you can tell her heart swells with joy seeing Blayke work hard and accomplish what she sets her mind to. Danielle captions: “Way to play today BB🎾💖 WOW the first set and then battles through the second game. #tennis #itsabuzzworld.” Then, Danielle attaches a photo of her nearly thirteen-year-old, Blayke, Adam, and herself at a tennis match. Furthermore, Blayke has practiced hard to get to these matches. Both Adam and Danielle are happy to see their daughter’s discipline paying off on the court.

Adam, Blayke, and Danielle Busby - Instagram

Fans Give Their Thoughts

After Danielle Busby made her shoutout to Blayke, OutDaughtered fans sent some love to them in the comments.

  • “She looks so much like a mini-me of mama here! So cute!!”
  • “Love this picture of you three.”
  • “Good job Blayke 🎾.”
  • “😍😍😍 growing up so fast.”
  • Even so, Danielle Busby’s photo captures the idea that Blayke is seemingly more and more grown up, but it is still easy to see the glimmers of her younger self at this stage. One fan says, “Is this an old photo? Blayke looks so young!”
  • “I cant believe, she is so beautiful❤️.”
Blayke scowls with disapproval like a full blown teenager. - Instagram

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