Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis surgery left a lasting impact on Sister Wives fans, as it was a significant storyline in a previous season. The decision of Kody, her father, not to attend the surgery played a crucial role in Christine’s choice to leave the family.

Onscreen, Ysabel was visibly in pain and in need of a solution. Eventually, she underwent surgery to correct her condition, but the show hasn’t delved much into it since then.

In recent times, Ysabel Brown appears to be thriving in adulthood, radiating happiness and love for life. Last year, she joined her mother Christine and several siblings on a trip to Europe, and the photos captured her with a beaming smile, indicating her enjoyment. If she is still experiencing scoliosis-related pain, it doesn’t show on her face.

A recent Reddit post raised questions about Ysabel’s post-surgery condition. A user wondered about the success of the surgery and whether she is now pain-free. Although Ysabel hasn’t spoken much about her health since the surgery, her overall onscreen demeanor suggests that she is doing much better. Other Redditors shared their observations and opinions, expressing belief in the surgery’s success considering the positive changes they’ve noticed.

Comments from Redditors included:

“Yes, it was very successful. She is even taller.”

“As a person with scoliosis, it’s very painful and sometimes hard to breathe. I’m glad she’s doing better.”

“I had this surgery myself. It is a very serious surgery but very necessary when your scoliosis is severe, that is why I could never understand why Kody didn’t go. [Ysabel] looks great – sometimes the height you get after the surgery doesn’t stay, you might lose a few inches. She seems quite happy.”

“I had a spinal fusion 10 years ago, and unfortunately, there’s no such thing as being pain-free after such an invasive, life-altering surgery. That being said, I’m sure she’s in quite a bit less pain, most days! Gaining an inch or two in height is definitely a perk though 😉”

While Ysabel may not have explicitly discussed her post-surgery condition, the positive responses from Redditors and her evident happiness onscreen suggest that she is doing well.

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