Fans of the show “Seeking Sister Wife” are expressing their desire for Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield to be removed from the series. The couple has been facing criticism for some time now, particularly Garrick, and viewers are growing weary of their presence on the show. Here’s why fans feel this way.

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield joined “Seeking Sister Wife” in Season 3, with Garrick claiming that God had instructed him to have multiple wives. It took time for Dannielle to come around to the idea, but eventually, they connected with Roberta from Brazil online, who seemed like the perfect fit for them. However, by the end of Season 4, Roberta decided not to come to America and pursue a relationship further. This was devastating for the Merrifields, who had invested emotionally and financially in their pursuit of polygamy.

In Season 5, the couple introduces Nathalia, also from Brazil, but Dannielle doesn’t have a strong connection with her. There will come a point where Dannielle leaves Garrick for a month and returns with shocking news. Some viewers dislike the Merrifields because they believe they groom young, non-English-speaking girls for Garrick’s benefit. As a result, some fans are calling for their removal from the show.

However, it’s unlikely that a petition to remove the Merrifields would have any impact on TLC’s decision. The couple seems to attract viewership and contribute to the show’s ratings. Some fans are still interested in seeing if Dannielle will eventually leave Garrick for good.

While some viewers watch “Seeking Sister Wife” for the trainwreck that is the Merrifields’ relationship, others have a simple solution for those who dislike the couple. They suggest fast-forwarding through their scenes or skipping them altogether. Similar petitions in the past, such as those targeting Angela Deem, have not resulted in any changes to the show.

In the end, it seems that the fate of the Merrifields on “Seeking Sister Wife” will be determined solely by TLC and the show’s producers, regardless of fan opinions.

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