Rumors have been circulating among 90 Day Fiance fans about the relationship status of Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs. Speculation arose after some fans noticed tension between the couple on the show 90 Day Diaries and rumors that they filmed for Season 2 of 90 Day: The Last Resort. However, the true nature of their current relationship remains unclear.

During Season 8 of the show, viewers learned that Brandon was living with his parents on a farm in Virginia and was searching for a partner to join him there through a dating app. He eventually connected with Julia, a Russian go-go dancer, and after several visits, she moved to Virginia. However, her adjustment to farm life proved challenging as she was accustomed to living in cities.

In 2021, Julia issued an ultimatum to Brandon, threatening to return to Russia if they didn’t leave the farm. They eventually moved into their own place, which eased tensions with Brandon’s parents. However, some speculate that the new living arrangement may have caused financial difficulties. Additionally, Julia’s desire to work as a dancer at a strip club sparked conflict between the couple, as Brandon strongly opposed the idea.

With rumors about 90 Day: The Last Resort and the apparent discord shown on 90 Day Diaries, some fans questioned whether Julia had returned to Russia. However, a fan on Reddit noticed that Julia recently obtained her U.S. citizenship, leading to confusion about their relationship status. The absence of Brandon in Julia’s citizenship photo added fuel to the speculation.

Opinions among fans varied, with some believing they were still together and discussing potential financial issues. Others speculated that Julia’s mention of returning to dancing in clubs was a source of tension, with Brandon comparing her to her ex-boyfriend. Some fans were surprised by the speed at which Julia acquired her U.S. citizenship, given the usual backlog of immigration-related matters.

Despite the uncertainty, photos on social media seem to portray a happy couple. Julia took to Instagram Stories after the citizenship post, explaining that Brandon had missed the ceremony due to his busy work schedule.

As fans eagerly await further updates, the true nature of Julia and Brandon’s relationship remains a mystery.

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