Jasmine Pineda, known for her appearance on the reality show 90 Day Fiance, has caused concern among her fans with a recent post. The 36-year-old made headlines previously for a controversial toe-sucking incident with Gino Palazzolo. She has also expressed her desire to have a child with her husband, but they have faced numerous problems, particularly concerning her children in Panama. Recent discussions on Reddit suggest that Jasmine may be dealing with more significant issues behind the scenes.

During a recent episode of the show, aired on March 24th, Jasmine received heartbreaking news from an immigration lawyer. She was informed that it could take up to two years to bring her children to the U.S. because Gino had not included them in her K-1 visa application. They would now have to file their own immigration paperwork. Additionally, Jasmine is unable to travel for a year because Gino failed to file the necessary advance paperwork for her to travel back and forth to her home country. However, it appears that this is not the only challenge Jasmine is facing, as suggested by her recent post.

Jasmine’s mental health has become a source of concern for fans. In her Instagram Stories, she mentioned that sleeping has become her favorite thing, as it provides relief from pain, judgment, suffering, overwhelming thoughts, and more. Some Redditors interpreted this statement as a potential sign of depression. However, others believe it could be a calculated move to maintain interest in her and Gino’s storyline.

Fans on Reddit speculated about the potential reasons behind Jasmine’s emotional state, including issues with Gino, the failure of her vegan protein product, comments about her appearance, and the situation with her children. Opinions varied, with some believing it to be genuine while others considered it an act for attention. Some fans expressed concern for Jasmine’s well-being, considering the toll of filming multiple shows back-to-back, engaging in dramatic behavior, undergoing constant body injections, and receiving derogatory comments.

Despite ongoing speculation about their relationship, Gino Palazzolo recently shared rare photos with Jasmine on Instagram, showing them enjoying a camping trip. While fans bombarded him with questions about their current status, Gino responded that he couldn’t discuss their relationship during the airing of the show.

As the fourth episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 8 approaches, Jasmine’s consideration of leaving the U.S. suggests that more significant drama may unfold between the couple. Fans eagerly await the next episode, scheduled to air on April 7, 2024, to learn more about their situation.

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