Sophie and Rob from 90 Day Fiance have often been labeled as a “dysfunctional” couple by the audience. Their relationship has been plagued by numerous cheating scandals and lies. Despite this, the couple still decided to get married.

Now appearing on the show Happy Ever After, Sophie and Rob’s relationship continues to follow its usual pattern. They frequently engage in heated arguments, with their most recent one topping the list of “petty” disputes. This time, their argument revolved around Rob counting how much toilet paper Sophie used.

After making their debut in the 10th season of 90 Day Fiance, Sophie and Rob have returned as stars of the new season of Happily Ever After. Despite Rob’s infidelity and Sophie keeping her sexuality a secret, they chose to tie the knot. However, their marriage is far from idyllic.

The couple is known for their frequent arguments, both big and small. The latest argument took place over toilet paper. During Sunday night’s episode, fans witnessed Sophie and Rob fighting about this seemingly trivial matter. It all started when Rob gave Sophie a to-do list, which she found insulting. She confronted him, accusing him of cheating on her online and being controlling.

Rob asked Sophie to explain what she meant by “controlling,” leading to the revelation that he had been counting how much toilet paper she used. Sophie justified her higher usage as women typically requiring more TP than men. However, Rob was unwilling to listen and continued to defend his actions online as well. He took to Instagram after the episode aired and discussed Sophie’s bathroom habits.

In his Instagram story, Rob claimed that Sophie’s preferred place to be was sitting on the toilet, scrolling on her phone for hours, and using a roll of toilet paper a day. He argued that he was tired of constantly searching for something to wipe with, making it clear that he found it frustrating. He added sarcastic hashtags related to toilet paper and bathrooms to his post.

The ongoing disputes between Sophie and Rob continue to captivate viewers, but it remains to be seen how their relationship will evolve as the season progresses.

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