Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston, known for her appearance on the show 7 Little Johnstons, recently gave birth to her baby girl with Brice Bolden in November. While many people sent her sweet messages, Liz has recently disabled comments on her posts, leaving TLC fans wondering about the reason behind this decision. Let’s delve into the details.

Numerous fans of 7 Little Johnstons believe that the arrival of Liz’s baby has provided fresh content and extended the lifespan of the TLC show, potentially preventing its cancellation. When Liz decided to continue filming, viewers assumed it was her own choice to remain in the world of reality TV.

Being a reality TV star, Liz should be well aware that trolling is common. However, she hadn’t received much negativity directed at her. After all, her baby seems delightful. Nevertheless, a few individuals made comments about her not marrying Brice immediately.

Observant TLC fans noticed that Liz, the mother of Leighton Drew Bolden, had disabled comments on her Instagram posts. Moreover, she went back quite far, indicating that she has cut off interaction with all her TLC followers. Only close friends and family are allowed to leave comments, while others are restricted. This led to a Reddit post where someone questioned the reason behind this decision:

“Why did Liz turn off her comments on Instagram? Too many negative comments about her having a baby out of wedlock?”

In the ensuing discussion, TLC fans debated Liz’s right to privacy and her decision to participate in a reality TV show about her life.

“It’s probably because all those old southern ladies were clutching their pearls, saying ‘I can’t believe I missed the wedding episode.'”

“She deserves peace, especially if people are being mean.”

“If she didn’t want comments, she shouldn’t have joined a reality show about her life. She has benefited from the show, but can’t handle the criticism.”

“She’s an adult who consented to being on a reality show. As a legal adult, she gave up her right to privacy when she agreed to star in a show about her life.”

“Just like any job, sometimes you have to deal with uncomfortable situations.”

“No one wants to read comments while nursing and pumping milk.”

These comments reflect the various perspectives and opinions of TLC fans regarding Liz’s decision to disable comments on her Instagram posts.

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