Ethan and Olivia Plath, known from the reality show Welcome To Plathville, have officially decided to end their troubled marriage at the conclusion of Season 5. Throughout the seasons, viewers witnessed the couple’s ongoing relationship struggles, as they often clashed over fundamental aspects of their marriage. Olivia openly discusses the constant battle that existed in their relationship.

During Season 5 of Welcome To Plathville, Ethan and Olivia Plath explored various options to salvage their marriage. However, by the season finale, it became evident that the young couple was ready to part ways. Both Ethan and Olivia were raised in highly controlling environments, and starting their own marriage meant they had to simultaneously discover themselves, navigate married life, and understand the world. Complicating matters further, their relationship troubles played out on camera for the world to see. On the show, they argued about crucial issues such as communication, religion, and politics. While couples don’t necessarily have to agree on everything, they need to find a level of mutual respect for each other’s viewpoints. Unfortunately, Ethan and Olivia found themselves increasingly divided, ultimately realizing they couldn’t envision raising children together due to their polar differences.

Although the couple officially filed for divorce in February 2024, they had been living separately since February 25, 2023. Since their separation, Olivia Plath has had time to gain space and perspective. Reflecting on her time on Welcome To Plathville, she recalls a significant “power struggle” between herself and Kim Plath, Ethan’s mother. At the time, Olivia was taken aback by the critical comments she received. She explains, “I would read critical comments [about me on the show] and I would immediately respond, like ‘no, I’m not the same [as Kim], you don’t understand.'” However, upon reflection, she realizes that all she wanted was to choose her own life and live authentically as herself.

Looking back on the show and the impact it had on her, Olivia acknowledges the toll it took. She shares, “I had my whole life open for the public to criticize and critique, and I was a kid who grew up so sheltered from the world.” Discussing the challenges of growing up and navigating difficult situations on camera, Olivia extends herself some grace, saying, “To be thrown into it and have everyone watch me as I’m deconstructing and trying to figure out what being married is all about and dealing with in-law conflict… I look back and it felt very overwhelming.”

Undoubtedly, Olivia Plath recognizes that her way of dealing with the issues was not always ideal. She admits, “I’m trying to sit in this place now, realizing that I should’ve behaved better, and also knowing that I did not have the tools at the time to behave better.” She continues, “It’s the juxtaposition of knowing that was a bad choice, but not knowing how to make a better choice at the time.” However, Olivia acknowledges her flaws and expresses a desire to grow from them. She reflects on Season 1, seeing a scared young person who felt cornered. With hindsight, she understands, “I saw things as black and white and set very strict boundaries. At that time, I think I needed that. It harmed other people, and… I wish it wasn’t the case, but I don’t get a do-over. I want to consistently make better choices.”

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