Matt Roloff, star of Little People, Big World (LPBW), recently opened up about his hospitalization on social media ahead of the Season 25 premiere. Sharing a picture of himself lying in a hospital bed, the reality TV celebrity appeared in a concerning condition, raising alarm among his viewers. However, fans now have the opportunity to gain a closer understanding of Matt’s medical emergency.

Fans were taken aback when Caryn, Matt’s partner, made some surprising revelations about his “Esophagus Issues” following his traumatic hospitalization. What exactly did she disclose, and is Matt doing okay?

Matt Roloff, a star of LPBW, has been dealing with esophagus-related problems for years. Initially, he managed the phlegm that would come up and “bubble up like a volcano.” However, this time, Matt found himself unable to avoid the issue and ended up in the hospital. Caryn was also shocked and concerned about her fiancé’s well-being. She had a conversation with the doctors and discovered some startling details about Matt’s medical condition.

Caryn attempted to explain to Matt what was happening to his body. She revealed that his esophagus is of average size, which left both of them surprised. Caryn discussed the sequence involving the diaphragm, esophagus, and stomach. In Matt’s case, his esophagus is longer than what his body can handle, causing it to be pushed to the side. Caryn explained how everything was “stuffed” into his body, and Matt even made a light-hearted joke about his condition. In an exclusive clip released by Popculture, Matt remarked, “I went in all good and came out all bad.” However, Caryn tried to reassure him, emphasizing that they now have an understanding of the underlying cause behind Matt’s unsettling medical condition.

Matt Roloff’s recent revelation about his hospitalization has sparked concern among LPBW fans. Fortunately, Caryn provided some insight into his esophagus issues, shedding light on the situation. Viewers now have a better understanding of Matt’s condition and can hope for his recovery.

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