Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods from 90 Day Fiancé have once again called it quits, despite preparing for their wedding on the show. An insider recently revealed the final straw that led to their split. Let’s find out what the insider had to say.

Big Ed and Liz have gained notoriety as one of the most toxic couples in 90 Day Fiancé history. They hold the record for the most breakups and reconciliations within the TLC franchise. When fellow cast members like Angela Deem and Kimberly Menzies are advising them to break up, it’s clear that their relationship is troubled.

The toxic dynamic between Big Ed and Liz has kept them coming back to each other repeatedly on the show. Many viewers have grown tired of their drama and would prefer not to see them in more episodes. However, from a network perspective, with all the baggage and drama they bring, it makes sense for TLC to continue featuring them.

While Happily Ever After scenes show Liz trying on wedding dresses, the reality off-screen tells a different story. Liz has been teasing a new man named Jayson on her social media, even with all the ongoing drama involving Big Ed. She continues to share posts featuring Big Ed, including various TLC clips they appear in.

According to recent rumors, Liz is back in San Diego with Jayson, signifying that this split might be more permanent than their previous ones. Fans are curious to know what finally led to the end of Big Ed and Liz’s tumultuous relationship, given their history of breaking up and getting back together. An alleged insider shared details on the final straw.

The insider claimed that Big Ed and Liz “never got married.” They revealed that the final straw occurred when Liz, who was vegan at the time, believed that a vegetable casserole Ed’s sister was making wasn’t vegan. This led Liz to have a meltdown, throwing things and screaming. Even Ed’s family, as mentioned by the insider, considered Liz to be crazy. The source concluded by stating that both Ed and Liz are just “crazy.”

If the information provided by the insider is accurate, it’s interesting to see how something as trivial as a vegetable casserole became the breaking point for this couple. Considering their tumultuous storyline over the years, it’s oddly fitting that such a small matter could be the catalyst for their final split.

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