Clues are emerging that suggest Kody and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives may have known each other prior to the “chance” encounter depicted on the show. While the official narrative claims they met when Robyn visited her cousin Reba, fans are beginning to question this storyline.

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans are discussing the details of Kody and Robyn Brown’s initial meeting. One user suggests that Kody already knew Robyn before their supposed chance encounter. They mention that Robyn was previously married to David Preston Jessop, who is Christine Brown’s first cousin and Kody’s third cousin. The family connections become quite tangled, and fans are speculating whether this relationship had been ongoing for years.

Other fans also join the discussion, acknowledging the interconnected nature of plural families, not just within Kody and Robyn’s family. Some humorous remarks are made, highlighting the complex web of relationships within the community.

While it’s possible that there were earlier ties between Kody and Robyn due to the close-knit nature of plural families, one fan on Reddit points out that it’s not uncommon for distant cousins to go unrecognized, given the large polygamist community in the area. They explain that people can unknowingly live and work alongside distant relatives without ever realizing their connection unless they conduct a thorough investigation or DNA test.

The same user also notes that most of the individuals associated with the Browns on the show are connected through blood relations, family friends, or marriage, creating a network of intertwined relationships. They mention the example of Aspyn and her husband, who were discovered to be distant cousins. It seems that Sister Wives truly operates as a “family business.”

As fans continue to piece together these clues and discuss the intricate family dynamics, the true nature of Kody and Robyn’s initial meeting remains a topic of intrigue and speculation.

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