The ongoing feud between Matt and Zach has become the hot topic of conversation. Despite a major fight that took place years ago, the repercussions continue to influence their significant life choices. Little People Big World fans witnessed Zach’s decision to move all the way to Washington after failing to reach an agreement with Matt regarding living on the farm. Meanwhile, the LPBW patriarch remains steadfast in his stance.

Ever since that incident, Matt and Zach have struggled to get along, actively seeking ways to avoid each other. A similar situation unfolded in the new season, where Zach and Tori purposely skipped a significant event to avoid being in Matt’s presence. What was the event, and how did others react to this?

In a recent LPBW episode, Matt accused Zach and Tori of ditching a fundraiser, leaving him disappointed. Matt has been resolute in not allowing Zach and Jeremy to take over the family legacy. As children, they were told that they would eventually be responsible for the farm. However, that plan didn’t materialize, and the brothers pursued different paths. It’s evident that Zach’s relationship with his father has deteriorated, and his lack of support has become apparent to everyone.

LPBW fans are likely aware that Amy Roloff, Zach and Matt’s ex-wife, planned to host a fundraiser for the Dwarf Athletic Association Of America (DAAA) on Roloff Farms. Amy expected her family, particularly Zach and Tori’s family, to attend the event. Zach has been involved with the association for many years and has even represented his country in various sports events.

However, when Amy informed Zach and Tori about the fundraiser, they claimed to have pre-existing plans for that weekend. Upon hearing this, Matt immediately accused them of concocting alternative arrangements solely to avoid attending the event. This lack of support left him feeling deeply disappointed. Amy, on the other hand, remained neutral in the situation. She didn’t criticize Tori and Zach, as their children—Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah—were also going to miss the event.

The strained relationship between Matt and Zach continues to impact family dynamics, causing disappointment and raising questions about their ability to find common ground.

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