David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan, beloved stars of the hit reality show ’90 Day Fiancé,’ have been keeping their fans updated on their journey to have a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Despite facing obstacles along the way, including a minor surgery, the couple remains positive and determined to make their dream of parenthood a reality. Recently, David and Annie took to social media to share their latest significant step in this process, leaving their followers excited.

Throughout their baby journey, David and Annie have maintained a lighthearted presence online, sharing humorous clips and pictures about each other. Annie recently posted a funny video of her preparing to cut David’s hair, playfully asking him how many ears he wanted to keep. The couple also enjoys going on dinner dates and spending time with friends and fellow cast members, often appearing on TLC’s popular spinoff, Pillow Talk. Fans have expressed their desire for the network to document David and Annie’s journey towards becoming parents.

In a Facebook post, David Toborowsky revealed that they are currently heading to Los Angeles for the next step in their IVF process. While he didn’t provide specific details about their plans, he expressed gratitude for the prayers and well-wishes from their supporters. Fans responded with positive comments, offering their encouragement and support for the couple’s journey.

David and Annie’s baby journey began as a Valentine’s Day gift to each other. David underwent sperm extraction, receiving the good news that his sperm count was of high quality and quantity. Annie underwent egg extraction surgery, but was informed that she needed an additional operation to address an “abnormality” in her uterus.

It is possible that the couple’s trip to Los Angeles may also involve Annie’s surgery, as they previously mentioned that the procedure would take place this month. Fans eagerly await further updates from David and Annie as they continue their quest to expand their family.

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