Have Kody Brown and his wives been deceiving Sister Wives fans all these years? A growing number of fans are beginning to entertain this possibility as they observe the family’s evasive and vague storytelling. What motives could Kody, Janelle, Meri, Christine, and Robyn have for misleading their loyal supporters? Dive into the fan discussions and theories surrounding this perplexing situation.

Fans Never Get The Full Story

Fans Never Get The Full StoryIn a recent Reddit thread, a Sister Wives fan highlights the recurring issue of fans never receiving the complete story with all the necessary details. For instance, while it has been stated that Meri Brown had a negative impact on many of the children, specific examples and details have never been provided.

Similarly, in the latest season, fans were informed about a group text message that sparked family turmoil during the holidays. While the group messages were extensively discussed and blamed for causing problems, there was never a moment where anyone disclosed the specific content of those messages that led to the explosive situation.

The original poster (OP) of the Reddit thread also raises doubts about whether Robyn Brown genuinely needed a nanny or if the addition of a nanny was simply a ploy to create drama.

Furthermore, fans are questioning whether the portrayal of Kody Brown as “mean” and “controlling” is a recent development or if he has always exhibited these traits.

Why Kody Brown & Wives Have Been Lying For Years

Within just 24 hours, this particular Reddit thread has amassed nearly 150 comments. A significant number of fans are in agreement that Kody and his wives have been deceiving viewers for years. Their motive appears to be quite straightforward: Kody, Janelle, Meri, Christine, and Robyn have been tasked with putting on a captivating show, one that garners enough attention to keep the audience coming back. Fans argue that much of the drama depicted on the show lacks substance because it is mostly fabricated by TLC to maintain viewer interest.

In response to the thread, one fan humorously wrote, “LOL, this family has been literally staging a ‘show’ for the past decade. There’s no reason to stop now. They intentionally remain vague, claiming ‘communication’ problems… but it’s evident that they withhold a lot of information from us.” Another fan chimed in, “This show consistently avoids providing context in almost every situation. I believe Meri may have been unkind to Janelle, but it’s hard to blame Meri considering how messed up Janelle’s entrance into the family sounds.”

A third fan agreed, stating, “Yes! It’s frustrating. The text thread is so messed up. It seems like they finally had an honest conversation, saying what they truly wanted to say. However, they refuse to share any details with us. We need an insider.”

Overall, fans concur that the TLC series has consistently failed to provide sufficient context alongside the family’s drama. Nevertheless, the absence of context hasn’t deterred viewers from tuning in to watch the show.

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