Kody Brown, known for his appearances on TLC’s Sister Wives, has been facing increasing disapproval from fans due to his behavior and attitude. As the new seasons progress, fans have found more reasons to criticize him, and his relationships with the wives have been strained. Following Christine’s departure from the family, Janelle and Meri have also started reconsidering their involvement with the celebrity polygamist. In recent episodes, Kody made a shocking statement that drew laughter and mockery from fans.

During a conversation with Janelle about the state of their relationship, Kody misunderstood her feelings of missing him in her house and bed. In his confessional, he claimed that his second wife only wants him for his body, specifically mentioning his “six-pack abs” and “nice pecs.” Fans were taken aback by the delusion displayed by the polygamist.

One fan took the matter to Reddit and shared a clip from a previous season where Kody was seen enjoying a bath in a pond at Coyote Pass. This provided fans with a glimpse of his physique. However, they were unable to spot the supposed six-pack abs or well-defined pecs that Kody had bragged about. Consequently, fans responded with hearty laughter and compared his body to that of “Spongebob.” Many expressed their disbelief and gagged at his statements, as reflected in the Reddit thread.

As Sister Wives Season 18 unfolds, fans continue to find moments that fuel their criticism of Kody Brown. His delusional statement about his body only adds to the growing disapproval from viewers, who find it difficult to take his claims seriously.

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