Tori Roloff, known for her appearances on “Little People, Big World,” has always had an eye for trends and enjoys keeping up with the latest styles in fashion, appearance, and home decor. Initially, she had plans to build her dream home on Roloff Farms, but those plans fell through when Matt Roloff refused to sell a portion of the land to her husband, Zach.

However, the couple embarked on a new beginning in Washington, where they built a lavish $1 million property for their family, which includes their three children, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. Tori’s penchant for change and experimentation has now led her to make some significant updates to their Washington home. So, what is Tori up to now?

Tori recently took to social media to showcase the revamped look of her home. She shared a video highlighting the before and after transformation of a room located above the stairs. In the video, the “Before” shot displayed a bed and scattered tools on the floor, while the “After” shot revealed a transformed living space with a wraparound couch, carefully chosen color schemes, and artwork. Tori expressed her satisfaction with the changes and mentioned the additions she made, such as modular storage cushions, washable covers, cup holders, and tables to the couch. She even promoted Lovesac, a furniture brand, for its versatility and functionality, although some fans found the brand to be expensive.

In addition to the home transformation, Tori and Zach have been constructing a two-story shop, the purpose of which has remained undisclosed. Fans have been eagerly speculating about the nature of the store. Some believe that Tori, with her keen interest in fashion, may be planning to turn her inner Fashionista into a designer. Tori shared a video of herself getting ready for a Taylor Swift concert, where she showcased her creativity by stitching a golden fabric to create a stunning outfit. Fans were impressed by her skills and encouraged her to pursue a career in fashion. This has led to speculation that Tori might open a boutique in the newly constructed store, catering to her unique sense of style.

As Tori Roloff continues to make changes to her home and prepares to unveil her store, fans eagerly anticipate seeing the final results and discovering the direction she will take with her creative endeavors. Whether she transforms her store into a designer boutique or surprises everyone with a different venture, Tori’s fans are excited to support her every step of the way.

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