There have been ongoing rumors about a potential divorce between Welcome to Plathville stars Ethan and Olivia Plath. While the couple has not made any public statements about their relationship status, fans have been speculating and searching for clues. Recently, fans spotted Ethan with a mystery woman who is not Olivia, leading to further speculation about the state of their marriage.

A Welcome to Plathville fan shared three photos on Reddit, taken at a bar in Minnesota where Ethan currently resides. In one picture, Ethan is seen standing by the bar, but in the next two photos, he is seen dancing with a dark-haired woman who does not resemble Olivia.

According to the Reddit user who witnessed the scene, this took place in Victoria, Minnesota. They confirmed that the woman with Ethan was not Olivia and described her as a younger woman with long brunette hair. The source also mentioned that they were sitting together and left the bar together.

Fans have been expressing their opinions in the comments section of the Reddit post. Many believe that this sighting is evidence of Ethan and Olivia’s split. They argue that there is no other explanation for Ethan dancing with another woman at a bar and allegedly leaving with her. Some fans also noted that Ethan was not wearing his wedding ring in the pictures.

One fan mentioned the couple’s challenging start to their marriage and said it would not be surprising if they had decided to go their separate ways. However, another fan pointed out that Ethan’s body language appeared uncomfortable and suggested he was pulling away from the woman he was dancing with.

It’s important to note that no one from the Plath family has confirmed the rumored divorce between Ethan and Olivia. Fans will have to wait for any official announcements or updates regarding their relationship. Nevertheless, many followers are convinced that the couple is indeed splitting up, especially after Ethan was seen with another woman.

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