Tyra Boisseau, known for her appearance on the reality show Unexpected, has finally given fans the opportunity to meet her newborn son, Junior. Up until now, she had only shared glimpses of the baby, but now there’s a chance to see him in all his glory. So, when and how will this be happening? Read on for all the important details.

Tyra Boisseau, who has always been active on social media, caused concern among fans when she suddenly went quiet. However, she was later spotted with her first baby daddy, appearing visibly pregnant. Shortly after, she did a maternity photoshoot to reveal that she was indeed expecting, already 31 weeks along. Tyra was carrying a baby boy, but it was confirmed that he would not be featured on the new season of Unexpected. Last year, her sister Tiarra Boisseau stated that Tyra would no longer be on the show, and fans assumed this meant she was also included in that decision.

After giving birth, Tyra faced another challenge when she lost everything in a house fire. While she was willing to show off her newborn son, she chose to sell access to him exclusively to subscribers, which shocked many fans. Additionally, she was seen on a TikTok live stream eating just hours after giving birth, which was deemed tacky by some. It appears that Tyra is willing to do anything for money, and that hasn’t changed much. However, she recently shared a beautiful postpartum photoshoot of herself with her three-month-old son on Instagram.

In the caption of the post, Tyra announced that fans could finally meet the newest member of her family. She invited them to join her on the Riff live streaming app for his reveal, with the chance to enter a $100 giveaway. The event was scheduled for Thursday, September 28th, at 10 pm EST/7 pm PST. She provided a link in her bio for fans to download the app. Tyra turned off the comments on the post, most likely to avoid any potential backlash. From the photos, it was evident that she was wearing a short, loose, ethereal dress, and Junior had a head full of dark hair, making the moment even more precious.

While Tyra hasn’t said much about Alex Wilson’s involvement in Junior’s life, she made it clear that they were not together and that he seemed to have left her for Hanna Cole. Viewers of the show saw Tyra attempt to reconcile with Alex after he strayed and got Hanna pregnant during Season 5. They seemed to be doing okay for a short time, but Tyra eventually realized that he was not living up to his responsibilities. When questioned about the father of her new baby, Tyra confirmed it was Alex but made it apparent that she was raising Junior on her own.

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