Meri Brown, a star of the reality TV show Sister Wives, has confirmed that she is making another significant move in her life. Throughout Season 18, Meri has struggled with her role as the third wheel in her relationship with her husband Kody and sister wife Robyn Brown. She has felt isolated and uncertain about where she truly belongs. However, it appears that Meri has finally found some clarity regarding her future path. So, where is she headed? Let’s delve into the details.

Meri Brown has spent considerable time grappling with her place within the plural family dynamic. She acknowledges that her husband Kody has no romantic interest in her anymore, but she has held onto the hope that they can restore their relationship to its former state. Additionally, Meri’s strong faith and close bond with her sister wife Robyn, as well as Robyn’s children, have provided some stability in her life. However, she has also spent years shuttling between her home base and Utah, where she operates a bed and breakfast (B&B). Now, it seems that Meri is ready for another change.

According to Today, in an episode of Sister Wives airing on Sunday, October 1st, Meri Brown will make the decision to separate from the plural family. In the previous week’s episode, she was shown at her B&B in Parowan, Utah, discussing her plans to move her clothing business to Utah with her best friend, Jenn. Now, Meri must break the news to Robyn, as she believes Robyn is the only person who will truly care. Meri begins the conversation by explaining that she has been contemplating this decision for a long time and has been trying to figure out what to do, especially since her mother’s passing. She expresses the challenges of managing the B&B while constantly going back and forth between locations. Robyn seems to understand Meri’s perspective. Eventually, Meri reveals that she will be moving out of their shared house and relocating her business to Utah, but she will be downsizing her presence in their current living arrangement. Robyn becomes confused about what this means exactly.

Meri then clarifies her end goal to Robyn, explaining that she will be spending more time in Utah than in Flagstaff. However, she assures Robyn that she will return when needed. Despite this explanation, Robyn feels uncertain and uneasy, as their relationship has always provided a sense of stability for both of them. Now, it seems as though Robyn feels adrift and without a solid support system, even within her relationships with Kody and others.

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