7 Little Johnstons star Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, are expecting their first baby together, and fans are now eagerly hoping for a wedding announcement. Despite initial expectations that Liz’s parents, Trent and Amber Johnston, might be upset, they have publicly expressed their support for their daughter.

There was speculation among 7 Little Johnstons fans that Trent would have a negative reaction to Liz’s pregnancy, considering his previous disapproval of the idea of Brice joining Liz on her single bed. However, Trent surprised everyone by stating, “We are so happy and super excited for the first grandbaby.”

Amber also gave a shout-out to Liz, indicating that she knows Brice well since they have been dating for four years. Fans are now looking forward to the arrival of the baby in November this year, and they are amazed that the pregnancy was kept a secret. However, there are hints that a wedding announcement might be on the horizon.

Fans of 7 Little Johnstons have been discussing the possibility of Liz marrying Brice. While Trent is happy about becoming a grandpa, fans believe that he would expect Brice Bolden to do the right thing by marrying Liz. Recent photos shared by Elizabeth and her family from her baby shower sparked speculation on Reddit that it might have also been a combined bridal shower. Some fans noticed formal attire worn by Amber in the photos and wondered if a “shotgun wedding” had taken place recently. The presence of two outfits for Amber at the baby shower raised further questions and led to speculations about a second ceremony or separate photo sessions on different days.

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