90 Day Fiance Season 10 features Nikki Exotica, a unique and talented individual who shocked her partner, Justin, with her unconventional way of revealing her transgender identity. Despite her exotic appearance and immense surgical transformations, their relationship faced significant challenges after her spontaneous disclosure.

Nikki Exotica stands out among the colorful characters in the TLC franchise due to her obsession with embodying a living Barbie doll. Her extensive cosmetic procedures surpass even the likes of Darcey Silva, leaving Justin completely unaware of her transgender status.

The 90 Day Fiance Season 10 star met Justin through a dating site, and he traveled from Moldova to the United States to be with her. However, when Nikki disclosed her trans identity, Justin was taken aback and decided to return home. The Sun reports that Nikki, formerly known as Jason Torres, has undergone over a million dollars worth of plastic surgery, including gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19.

In a teaser for the show, shared by ET Online, Nikki Exotica explains the ups and downs of their relationship, including their breakup and subsequent reconciliation. The new season will follow their journey towards reuniting. Despite Nikki’s transformation into a stunning woman, their relationship was plagued by conflicts, particularly around stereotypical gender roles such as housekeeping and cooking, leading to numerous arguments.

During one heated argument, Nikki became so angry that she impulsively revealed her transgender identity, leaving Justin shocked and traumatized. Unsurprisingly, he decided to return home. Despite their physical separation since 2007, the two maintained contact over the years. Nikki explains that both of them had to go through personal challenges and hardships. Now, they see this as a second chance at love.

Nikki Exotica’s journey to self-acceptance and openness about her transgender identity was a slow process. Bullied during her school years, she had limited interaction with the LGBTQA+ community, leading to a sense of loneliness. Finding solace in her Barbie persona became an all-consuming obsession. While Nikki earns a good income, she acknowledges that supporting Justin will require her to dig into her purse once again, as they already applied for his K-Visa during their previous attempt at being together.

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