It was recently revealed that Christine Brown, star of TLC’s Sister Wives, got married to David Woolley. However, it appears that Christine may have used her wedding as an opportunity to exclude her former sister wife, Meri Brown, from the guest list. Let’s explore the details.

Fans were curious about the guest list for Christine’s wedding and whether any of her former sister wives, including Meri, were in attendance. Janelle Brown, another sister wife of Christine, was present at the wedding, as she and Christine have remained close friends despite their separation from Kody Brown. Christine has made it clear to David that Janelle is still her sister wife and they are a package deal.

However, it was not surprising that Kody Brown and his current wife, Robyn, were not at the wedding. Christine has previously expressed that she has no relationship with Robyn and has no intention of starting one. When Christine left Kody, she stated that she wanted to maintain her relationships as they currently were.

The absence of Meri Brown from the wedding raised mixed feelings among Sister Wives fans. Some fans interpreted it as a deliberate move by Christine to exclude Meri and considered it a slap in the face. Others suggested that Meri’s absence may have been due to the recent passing of her brother just two days before the wedding, speculating that she might have been invited but unable to attend due to the circumstances.

It’s worth noting that Meri herself did not express any resentment or disappointment about missing the wedding. Instead, she shared videos of herself enjoying time with friends and riding a tractor. Surprisingly, Meri’s child, Leon, and their spouse, Audrey Kriss, were reportedly among those who attended the wedding, which raised questions for fans. Gwendlyn Brown, another one of Meri’s children, had previously mentioned that Leon was distancing themselves from the family. Some fans speculated that Leon’s presence at the wedding suggested that Meri may have been invited after all. In this perspective, it could be seen as Meri who “slapped” Christine by choosing not to attend.

Overall, the absence of Meri Brown from Christine’s wedding has sparked speculation and mixed reactions among Sister Wives fans, raising questio

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