Fans of TLC’s “Unexpected” have been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 6, but the show has yet to announce a premiere date. While the new and returning cast members have been announced, the reason for the delay has remained a mystery. However, recent developments suggest that the cause has been uncovered. Here are the details.

Fans are already familiar with Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett, who are set to return for Season 6. Additionally, two new faces will be joining the cast. Jenna is expecting her second child with her new boyfriend, and Lilly recently got married. With these exciting storylines, viewers have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season. However, it seems like fans may have to rely on social media updates rather than the show itself to get their fix.

A Reddit thread was created to discuss the prolonged delay of the new season. One user speculated whether the show was waiting for Jenna to give birth before wrapping up filming and releasing the season. They expressed hope that the wait would be worth it, as they believed Jenna and Lilly’s storylines might not be as compelling. Other Redditors weighed in on the discussion, with one suggesting that the delay could be attributed to a strike. Many shows had difficulty filming due to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike during that time.

Some users expressed concern that the production might be waiting for Jenna to have her baby, which could result in the other babies on the show being toddlers by the time the tell-all episode airs. Given the considerable amount of time that has passed since the previous season aired, fans are hoping for a worthwhile outcome.

Not all fans are thrilled with the casting choices for Season 6. Emersyn Potter, who was eager to return, was not asked to come back, and Tiarra Boisseau and her family initially chose not to return, although Tiarra’s sister, Tyra, later announced her pregnancy. Some Redditors noted that the show has not been the same since the departure of the Haileys a few seasons ago. With such mixed opinions, fans are anxiously anticipating the release of Season 6, hoping that the wait will prove to be worthwhile after over a year of anticipation.

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