Big Ed, a familiar face from 90 Day Fiancé, has sparked controversy by announcing his intention to take a fan on vacation with him. However, it appears that this idea is not well-received among his followers. Big Ed is known for his relationships with Rose and Liz, with the latter being his most recent girlfriend. Although Big Ed and Liz had plans to get married, their relationship ultimately ended before the wedding could take place. Now, Big Ed is seemingly searching for companionship by seeking a fan willing to travel with him.

Big Ed’s Love Struggles

Big Ed has faced difficulties in finding lasting love. During his time with Rose, he was dishonest about several key aspects, including his height and his desire to have children. These lies contributed to the breakdown of their relationship. While he did find love again in the United States with Liz Woods, their journey was filled with therapy sessions and numerous challenges, leading to their eventual separation. Liz has since moved on and is now openly sharing her new relationship on social media, indicating that a reconciliation with Big Ed is highly unlikely.

The Vacation Proposal

Recently, Big Ed made an unexpected announcement stating his desire to take a fan on vacation. This unconventional idea garnered mixed reactions from fans. Some speculated that it might be a promotional collaboration with TrovaTrip, raising questions about the authenticity of his intentions. Nevertheless, fans made it clear that they were not interested in going on a trip with him.

Comments from fans included

“Oh my goodness, it’s Big Ed here, obviously. Who would want to spend an entire week with Big Ed?”
“I would rather go to jail for a week than go anywhere with you!”

It is evident that Big Ed’s fans are not enthusiastic about the prospect of vacationing with him. While this announcement may have been a promotional endeavor tied to a brand partnership, it seems that the majority of fans would choose any other activity over traveling with Big Ed. Unfortunately, luck has not been on his side when it comes to love, and fans believe his chances of finding lasting romance are dwindling. With Liz happily showcasing her new relationship, it appears that their chapter together has officially closed.

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