Amy has faced numerous challenges in her life, including her physical health and a tumultuous marriage that ended in divorce. Additionally, she has battled severe mental health issues, which have further complicated her journey. While her ex-husband Michael’s behavior contributed to the strain on their relationship, fans believe that Amy’s mental health played a significant role in the downfall of their marriage.

Following her divorce from Michael, Amy has moved on and entered into two subsequent relationships, both of which ultimately ended in breakups. Currently, she is prioritizing her mental and emotional well-being and seeking help for her issues. As fans reflect on Amy’s journey, many theories have emerged about the reasons behind her divorce.

Amy’s marriage was far from happy, as she often found herself assuming the role of the primary caregiver for their children. Her untreated mental health struggles were exacerbated by the lack of time she had for herself and the increasing demands of others. Additionally, Michael’s lack of involvement in childcare placed an additional burden on Amy. Despite displaying signs of depression, her ex-husband chose to overlook her struggles, leaving her to battle her inner demons alone while fulfilling her responsibilities.

Furthermore, Amy’s mental health deteriorated due to Michael’s controlling behavior, which included attempting to limit her access to her own finances. Fans witnessed how the deteriorating state of their marriage took a toll on Amy. Although Michael was reluctant to divorce Amy, she made the courageous decision to prioritize her mental well-being and assert her independence by ending the marriage. In doing so, she took a stand for herself and her mental health.

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