Following the recent ceremony for Garrison Brown, many viewers of Sister Wives have expressed curiosity about Meri Brown’s status within the family. Some individuals have raised concerns about whether the Brown children still consider her their mother.

Meri Brown’s Contribution to the Family

While it may be difficult to believe that Meri Brown’s separation from plural marriage could affect her role as a “mom,” some of the children have spoken out about Meri’s alleged abusive behavior. A Reddit user initiated a discussion on how the family perceives Meri, particularly in light of Garrison’s passing. They questioned whether Janelle, Christine, and Kody acknowledge Meri as one of the children’s moms. The user acknowledged that the situation might be complicated after the separation and wondered if Meri is still considered part of the family during both joyous occasions and challenging times. The Redditor raises a valid point about how a family might behave in the face of tragedy.

Meri Brown’s Disconnection

The original poster also noticed Meri Brown’s choice of seating arrangement, which appeared somewhat disconnected. They struggled to articulate their question but later clarified that it applied not only to the funeral but also to other events. The user cited Christine and Janelle’s discussions about being mothers to each other’s children as an example.

One commenter speculated that historically, the family has not actively included or considered Meri in their planning but expects her to be present nonetheless. They suggested that Meri’s role as a mother to the children is defined by the children themselves. The commenter mentioned how the family sat with Meri at Logan’s wedding, but if she hadn’t been included in the “mother” group, they may not have even noticed until a producer brought it up.

Others chimed in, expressing their belief that Janelle would want Meri to be present during difficult times, as families often come together in such situations. They acknowledged that Meri had been actively involved in the older kids’ lives and that her absence would have been more hurtful.

Allegations of Abuse

Over the years, some of the Brown children have made public statements alleging that Meri Brown was abusive during their childhood. There seems to be tension between Meri and Mykelti, Maddie, Paedon, and even her biological child, Leon. However, some users pointed out that Meri’s role as the disciplinarian may have led to misunderstandings, as her parenting style and personality differed from the other parents’.

It is important to note that accusations made by certain children were later retracted or dropped without explanation, and these children were also the ones profiting from Patreon/YouTube rather than pursuing traditional employment. Additionally, it should be remembered that Meri was known for her strictness and straightforwardness within the family.

Considering Meri’s inclusion in the grieving process, funeral, and memorial, it does appear that she is still regarded as “one of the moms” within the Sister Wives family.

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